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Outdoor Learning

At The Rushmere Park Academy, we seek to build learning opportunities that develops children’s resilience through learning outdoors. We have identified the significant benefits of dynamic learning and for children to engage actively both inside and outside to make their learning unforgettable. We recognise the response children have to outdoor spaces and the positive impacts to children’s learning alongside social and life skills. Our policy will ensure that staff use the outdoor spaces effectively to ensure that children are offered a rich and varied learning environment.

The principles of learning outdoors are:

· Stimulate children’s learning, imagination, and creative play through use of natural surroundings, increasing fitness, mindfulness and PSHE skills.

· Provide children with opportunities to become confident and inquisitive lifelong learners, developing a skill set they can use across the curriculum

· Be planned, relatable and meaningful, with adaptations, often lead by children when suitable

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